An Research of a Muslim Girl in Statements and Statements by Fatema Mernissi

An Evaluation of a Muslim Female in Statements and Promises by Fatema Mernissi


Mernissi makes the claim that "Any guy who believes a Muslim

woman who fights for her dignity and to citizenship excludes

herself necessarily from the normally a guy who misunderstands

his own religious heritage, his unique cultural identity" (Mernissi

viii). She goes about supporting this state by delving into the

very detailed documentation of Islam record. She attributes

misogyny previously and present Muslim way of life to the male

elite. She gives many types of how Muhammad and Islam have

only supported equality of the sexes and in addition the way the male elite

used false hadiths and incredibly narrow interpretations of the Koran

and true hadiths for their purpose.

She starts by describing how the man elite started running things

right from the onset of Muhammad's death. Whenever a successor to

Muhammad was picked, it didn't involve the persons of the

community at all or any women. It had been done by a tiny group of

followers which were very near the prophet, a

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