An Explanation on what All Physical Secureness is Linked Together

An Explanation on what All Physical Reliability is Linked Together

Explain how all Physical Protection is linked together

Depending on the amount of security necessary for the certain establishment, the level of physical secureness at the prison will be reflected. An exemplory case of a prison with a higher degree of physical security will be HMP Norwich which homes Category B prisoners. There are numerous components of physical security which are being used together to greatly help maintain the advanced of security which is necessary.

To focus on the Prison is encircled with a higher exterior wall which has razor wire at the top to avoid any inmates hoping to climb over. This high wall functions as the previous barrier between your inmates and the public. Then getting into the prison, every individual area is fenced off from the other person to prevent quick access. With the high exterior wall and the additional wall space and fences around each section of the prison, these work together to avoid easy access over the perimeter of the prison and invite the prison personnel to keep inmates safeguarded within each area.

Around these fenced in

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