An Analysis of the existing Copiright and Patent Laws

An Analysis of the existing Copiright and Patent Laws

Current copright and patent laws and regulations are inapropriate for software applications; their

down software expansion and reduces competition.

From the first computer as we realize them, the ENIAC, software applications has

important. From a large number of bytes on miles of paper to an incredible number of bytes on a thin piece

sandwitched between two bits of plastic, program has played a crucial part in the

have most likely played a significant role in every our lives, from producing math easier with

having money on the run with ATM machines. Nevertheless, with all the current help which has been

haven't done anything for computer software and the persons who write it. Application by nature is

defenseless, as it is pretty much simply intellectual property, rather than a physical thing,

easily copied. Copied software will not generate income because of its creators, and so they

not copied, and the complete industry inflates.

There are two types of intellectual property. The first of all one is made up of

and films,which are included in copyright. Inventions and improvements are covered by

categories have covered for a long time many types of use little or no

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